Configurate and design soccer tasks is very fast and easy with Bcoach , you just have to put the information for the task and distribute the bibs among your staff. Start working now!

Create complete tasks organized by category and date

Category: Choose correctly the category of your task. In this way it will be very easy to locate it by helping you with the Bcoach filters.

Nombre: A name for the task.

Descripción: This information will appear on the session sheet and will help to know the details and execute it.

Data session: Fill in the data for the session. When you generate the session sheet will be easy localizate the task thanks to the filters of Bcoach.

Repetitions, time repetition and recover time: The number of repetitions for the task, the minutes for each repetitions and the recover time. That information will appear in your session sheet and will help you to calculate the total session time.

Field: Choose the correct field to your task, Bcoach has a lot of them for you. For example: complete field, corner area, half field…

Bibs: Choose the colour of the bib and give it to your players. You can use a lot of colours and bibs while you need.

Forget the hard work of design soccer tasks. With Bcoach you can design soccer tasks, export and share your own task with an animation. Start to design tasks!

Tools design for soccer and physical work.


Geometric forms with different fillers, some arrows to get some options into the game, text for annotations…

With Bcoach you can move any design element after draw it, duplicate the elements to has symmetric designs.


Ball, cones, goals… A lot of elementes for your tasks.

With Bcoach you can choose the direction of the elements and put some colors for them.

Physical work

Bosu, fitball, step box, balance disc, coordination ladder… A lot of elements for you’re physical preparation.

As with the technical tools, you can choose the direction of each of the elements and alternate between the different colors available.


Customize your tasks using all the visual options that Bcoach give to you.

  • Show or hide the name, number and position of your players to get more or less detail in the tasks.
  • Increase or decrease the size of the players to adapt for the type of the task.
  • Show or hide the customize grid to help you in the tasks design or to divide the field.
  • Show or hide groups of players depending the colour of their bibs.

Has already got your task configure and designed? In addition to designing football tasks, Bcoach gives you more, share the image of your task, create the animation of the execution of the task or plan your next session automatically. Create your first session sheet!

Create and share your own pictures, animations and session sheets.

Pictures and animations

Bcoach save the screenshots of all the tasks, you can see and share it while you want.

The app allows you to create, step by step, the animations of your tasks. A task can save all animations than you like and share it in mp4 for your own use.

Session sheet

Choose the tasks that you want to has in your session, fill in the objectives and the sessions annotations for your customized session sheet generate by Bcoach.

Bcoach will calculate automatically the total duration of the session and show you with the rest of the information.

Download it or share it, plan easy and quickly your sessions and have a rigorous control of your activity.

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