Bcoach is the number 1 app for football coaches. You can manage your team and and plan your sessions, you can do everything for your team. Sessions, statistics, edit videos and images…

How much it cost? 

There are to options, annual or monthly payment. Annual license is 19,90€ per year and monthly it’s 2,90€ per month. You have 30 days to try it without any data of your credit card.

How can I pay? 

You can pay by VISA or PayPal.

Will I have permanence?

No. Choose the type of subscription that you want. If you have any problem with your subscription contact with us by mail info@bcoach.app

How can I stop my subscription?

When you want you can stop it in the app, in the configuration section

What devices are compatible with bcoach?

Bcoach is currently available in the Google Play and App Store stores, we are working on other platforms, we will keep you informed!

Can I use my bcoach account on multiple devices? 

No, each user is associated with a single device, being able to switch from one device to another in isolation since it is possible that they have changed their tablets. It is not allowed to use a user account on two different devices continuously.

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