Say goodbye to whiteboards and indelible markers. Use the Bcoach tactical board to give immediate explanations to your players and to edit the images and videos of your matches. Try it now!

Edit your images and videos with the Bcoach tactical board.

Field: Choose the type of field that you need to explain what you want. You can also choose if you want white or green field.

Colors and shapes: Select the shape you want to use and the color that you need, Bcoach offers all possible facilities.

Player tokens: Add players one by one or the whole team at once. It depends on the type of football you have selected, one number of players or another will be added.

Multimedia editor: Edit the pictures and videos with the elements and shapes that Bcoach offer. Your players will see it clear and easily.

Forget the hard work editing an image with any software, with Bcoach you can edit an image in a matter of minutes. Let’s edit images!

Shapes, figures and colours

Use the shapes and figures offered by Bcoach to edit your images and videos. Squares, circles, lines…

In addition, you can choose between the different colors offered by Bcoach to differentiate the drawings you make.


Add the players you want one by one or all at once, as if they were magnetized, only much simpler and cleaner.


Export the images that you edited for your presentations, notes, formations…

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