Take and analyzing your match statistics has never been so easy. Set the duration of your match, select the starting team and the substitute players. Take anotations and substitutions easily, Bcoach will take care of the rest, the application for football matches Start working now!

Organize the statistics of your matches by teams and date

Customized statistics: Each coach wants to collect differents statistics, Bcoach adapts to all of them. Customize the statistics that you want and collect them during the match, this way, you will have only the statistics you need.

Line-up: Once you have selected the substitute and starting players, you can select the system you want to use, Bcoach shows all the possibilities based on the number of starting players.

Date, rival and stadium: Each match is easy to locate with all the information Bcoach offer you. Date, the rival and if you play in their stadium or yours, in this way each game will be easy to locate.

Duration: Each match has a different duration depending the category, Bcoach allows you to configure the match for all the categories and types. You can customize the number of halfs and the duration of each one.

Notes: Bcoach has a “notes” section where you can write down that you wan from each game and be able to access to that information at any time.

Forget the paper and calculator to keep up to date the statistics of your team. With Bcoach, the app for soccer matches, you can do it automatically and export all this information.Let’s play games!

Statistics, played minutes and statistics resume


Goal, yellow card, red card, offside, penalty, penalty missed, goalkeeper save … Customize the statistics to collect only what you need.

Played minutes

Switch one player for the other on the pitch and Bcoach does the rest, automatically calculating the time a player is on the pitch and on the bench. Goodbye to paper and calculator!

Statistics resume

Filter by game, date or by customize statistic that you want to analyze. Also, Bcoach allows you to export the statistics so that you can work on them in the way you prefer.

aplicación para llevar estadísticas de fútbol

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