Valencian startups Clunnity and Bcoach join forces

Valencian startups Clunnity and Bcoach join forces.

Both companies, specializing in football, will ally to empower each other and continue to grow hand in hand.

This union will not only help both Clunnity and Bcoach to continue growing at a business level but will also be beneficial for customers who have the services of both platforms.

This is a perfect union, since both startups complement each other in terms of the type of service they offer and their targeted audience.

Clunnity, a company created in Lanzadera, created a software created an innovative software to simplify the administrative and management process for football clubs.  A simple and effective way to help coaches and players to reach their top level.

On the other hand, Bcoach is an ideal tool for any football coach. A quick and easy-to-use tool; designed to centralize all your work and manage the players and matches.

You can design tasks with animations and use the digital tactical board to explain plays in detail with photos or videos before, during, or after a match, with the additional option of collecting statistical data.

In short, an agile, easy-to-use aid aimed at the coach’s growth.

This partnership will provide the user with a global and complete service that will cover the different areas of the day-to-day life of managers, coaches, and players to improve their performance and efficiency.

Clunnity and Bcoach adapt to their needs and drive them to structural and qualitative improvement.

For a better and higher quality football.

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